Hakuhodo’s three expert teams designing the future

Hakuhodo innovation consist of 3 specialized unit joint together

Hakuhodo Brand Design

Specialist unit supporting the entire branding process

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Hakuhodo Innovation Design

Specialist team supporting corporate and social innovation

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Hakuhodo Social Design

Team for solving social issues through economic activity

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By building on consumer ideas and using co-creating methods, we can identify the “Rashisa” and shape our client’s products and corporate image.

Imagine a world without any brands at all.

All businesses are nameless, and are referred to only by numbers. The only variation in products is in functionality. One could survive in this world, but society would definitely be bland. If, however, there were an abundance of brands that carried true meaning for society and those living in it, that would certainly be a fantastic society to live in. We believe that by creating alluring brands, we are creating an alluring society.

Imagine a brand that is all show, with no real substance.

On the surface, it looks appealing and perhaps even beautiful, but the quality of the product itself doesn't live up to its looks. What the brand says is attractive, but what it actually delivers is entirely different. This type of brand will not be accepted by people for very long. Social media is spreading, and soon we will live in an era where the surface deceptions of both people and brands are quickly recognized for what they really are. We feel that creating a brand is not about manipulating surface-level impressions. We define brand creation as a way to lay out the ‘Ra-shi-sa’ ( a term to describe the unique essence) that can only be captured by a given business or product.

Imagine a brand that has been made by a complacent owner.

It doesn't take into account the needs of people or what we call ‘Sei-katsu-sha’ (consumers as real, living people, not mere statistics), nor ignores the social consciousness. It is made from the perspective of the owner, which only cares about their sales. We feel that seikatsuha are becoming less and less receptive to this type of selfish brand. Now, most of the markets mature, and it is becoming difficult to develop new products and services. But this is precisely why at this time it is so important to work with the members of society to think deeply about the true value of a brand and its very reason for being. We belive that a brand is made only ‘with’ the seikatsusha, thought and grew ‘along’ with the seikatsusha and this we call the‘Co-creation Approach’.

Hakuhodo Brand Design is a team specializes in next-generation brand consulting. Our team with their each unique and talented skills and our foundation of ‘Seikatsusha’ and ‘co-creation’ approach, we are well prepared to uncover the true value of the company or the product (rashisa) and design to a tangible value.

We solely hope to create a brand alluring to the society we live in as many as possible.

Hakuhodo Brand Design, Leader
Masanori Miyazawa