Hakuhodo’s three expert teams designing the future

Hakuhodo innovation consist of 3 specialized unit joint together

Hakuhodo Brand Design

Specialist unit supporting the entire branding process

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Hakuhodo Innovation Design

Specialist team supporting corporate and social innovation

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Hakuhodo Social Design

Team for solving social issues through economic activity

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hakuhodo brand design

Hakuhodo Brand Design a special task unit of Hakuhodo Inc., which specializes in branding – from research to analysis, strategy planning and execution. The team is consisted of well experienced specialists from diverse backgrounds; consultant, designer, copy writer, human resource development, legal professional, and first class qualified architect. The team offers all sorts of supports and solutions for ‘Branding’, in area such as consumer and client research, concept development, naming and logo (CI/VI) design, product and service development, new business development, store and space design, inner activation program, and brand communications. Hakuhodo Brand Design also devotes itself in research and development of new mythology – recent methods include neuroscience and understanding deep metaphor of a person, ethnography and fieldworks, workshops and dialogue sessions, sensory and non-conscious approach, acquiring multi-stakeholder process to the client business and many more – all for a simple purpose to provide more advanced solution for higher level branding.